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Counsellor Liwei Sun gave a presentation to the international students on Sino-Finnish trade

Updated: Jan 20

On 18.01. 2023, Mr. Liwei Sun, the Commercial and Economic Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Finland, Ms. Yun Chang, the First Secretary, and Ms. Reziya Tayer, the Third Secretary were invited to Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences by senior project specialist Esa Vuorenmaa and lecturer Päivi Käri-Zein.

Chairman Yufei Zhang and vice-chairman Lei Zhang from the Nordic Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce also accompanied the visit.

Counsellor Liwei Sun gave a presentation to international students regarding the Sino-Finnish trade and had a discussion with students at the end of the presentation.

The China-Network of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences also shared the Chinese cooperative experience with students.

During the presentation, Counsellor Liwei Sun explained the Sino-Finnish trade, investment situation, opportunities in the Chinese market, and some issues that should be paid attention to in the Chinese market.

The presentation is rich in content and detailed in data. Counsellor Liwei Sun first summed up the large scale of the Chinese market and other features of the Chinese market, he stated that product can always find a target market segment in China, but the regional development is still unbalanced, then China adheres to the basic national policy of deepening reform and opening up to the outside world, as well as China's support for global multilateral trade advocated to interpret the relevant policies.

Mr. Liwei Sun summarized the business conditions of Finnish companies such as Marimekko, Nokia, Wärtsilä and Kone in China, and finally introduced several major platforms of China's foreign trade to the students, such as The situation of Canton Fair, China International Import Trade Fair and China International Hi-Tech Fair.

Mr. Esa Vuorenmaa - senior project specialist of Finnish UAS China-Network and Haaga-Helia, is also a senior consultant of the Overseas Dujiangyan Finland Promotion Station. He shared his thoughts on cooperation and exchanges between Finland and Sichuan, China after the two giant pandas Huabao Jin Baobao arrived in Finland, and pointed out that when foreign companies enter the Chinese market, they should not ignore the vast development of the region and the great potential development of the central and western regions in China.

At the end of the presentation, Haaga-Helia´s international students gained a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the Chinese market.

The presentation received positive feedback from the students. Counsellor Liwei Sun also expressed his willingness to have further exchanges and discussions with students on Sino-Finnish trade issues in the future.

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