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Degree Programmes

There are 12 bachelor 9 master degrees with over one hundred degree programmes in English across 20 Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. Find out which one you are interested in.

Picture by Sanna Henttonen from (LAB- UAS)
Picture from (Humak UAS)

Bachelor's degrees

Bachelor of Business Administration

Artificial Intelligence

Aviation Business

Business Information Technology

Business Management

Business Management (Enterprise resource planning)

Business Service Solutions and Languages

Computer Applications

Digital Business Innovations

Digital International Business

Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership

Esports Business

European Business Administration

Game Production, Business Information Technology

International Business

International Business and Logistics

Safety, Security and Risk Management

Wellbeing Management

Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics
Bachelor of Culture and Arts
Bachelor of Engineering

Agri-food Engineering

Automation and Robotics

Automation Engineering

  • Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK)

Business Intelligence Technologies 

Construction Engineering

Electrical and Automation Engineering


Energy Technology

Environmental Engineering

Industrial Information Technology

Industrial Management

Information and Communication Technology (Bioeconomy)

Information and Communication Technology

Information Technology


Maritime Technology

Machine Learning and Data Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology


Purchasing and Logistics Engineering

Software Engineering

Sustainable Solutions Engineering

Textile and Material Engineering

Bachelor of Health Care
Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management & Service Design

Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management

Hospitality, Tourism Management

International Tourism Management


Sustainable tourism and Event Management

Tourism Management

Bachelor of Humanities

Adventure and Outdoor Education

Bachelor of Marine Technology
Bachelor of Maritime Management
Bachelor of Natural Resources
Bachelor of Social Services
Bachelor of Sports Studies

Sports Coaching and Management

Sports and Leisure Management

Bachelor´s degrees 1
Master´s degrees 1

Master's degrees

​Master of Business Administration

Business Informatics

Business Management

Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Business Technologies (Part-time/Full-time)

Data Analytics and Project Management

Digital Business and Management

Digital Business Management

Educational Leadership

Global Business Management

Health Business Management

International Business Management (Part-time/Full-time)

International Tourism and Event Management

Leading Business Transformation (Part-time/Full-time)

Leading Transformational Change

Management in Sustainable Business (Part-time Online)


Risk Management and Circular Economy 

Sales Management

Service Design

Service Innovation and Design

Strategising in Organisations (Part-time/Full-time)

Sustainable Aviation Business (Part-time/Full-time)

Master of Culture and Arts

Creative Design Management (Online)

Creativity and Arts in Social and Health Fields (CRASH)

Education Entrepreneurship

Emerging Media


Master of Engineering

Artificial Intelligence and Data analytics (Part-time)

Automation Technology, intelligent systems

Autonomous Maritime Operations

Business Informatics

Cloud-based software engineering (Part-time)

Construction and Real Estate Management

Cyber Security (Part-time)

Data Analytics and Project Management

Energy Engineering

Full Stack Software Development (Part-time)

Health Business Management

Industrial Management

Industrial Management and Engineering

Industrial Quality Management (Online)

Information Technology

Maritime Management

Modern Software and Computing Solutions

Printed Intelligence

Professional Project Management (Part-time)

Project Management

Risk Management and Circular Economy

Structural Engineering

Sustainable Technologies

Urban Sustainability

Master of Health Care

Clinical Optometry

Creativity and Arts in Social and Health Fields (CRASH)

Digital Health

Genetic and Genomic Counselling

Global Health and Crisis Management

Health and Social Studies (Part-time)

Health Business Management

Health Care Diagnostics

Health Care and Social Services



Master of Hospitality Management

Tourism and Hospitality Business (Part-time/Full-time)

Master of Humanities

EUMASLI-European Master in Sign Language Interpreting

Master of Maritime Management
Master of Natural Resources

Natural Resources Management

Risk Management and Circular Economy

Master of Social Services

Community Work and Multicultural Development

Creativity and Arts in Social and Health Fields (CRASH)

Health Business Management

Health Care and Social Services

Health Care Diagnostics


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