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Why Finland?

Image by Tapio Haaja

The happiest country in the world: 

Finnish education system has over the years, placed the country at the top of world rankings. In Finnish education system teachers won´t give up any student, the core idea of Finnish education is that there is no bad student, each student has bright spots and it´s teacher´s duty to find them! 

Finland, which is considered to have one of the leading education systems in the world. Finnish students consistently score near the top in the Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA, for reading, mathematics and science. In Finland there is no age barrier to enroll universities. It is never too old to learn. 

Finnish schools aim to prepare students for the real world and provide them with the tools to live meaningful lives. Students are taught through a multidisciplinary approach that combines self-study, problem-solving and self-development which ensures a well-rounded learning experience from preschool through university. 

Equality and freedom: 

Equality and freedom are the cornerstones of the Finnish education system. In Finland, all students have an equal opportunity to receive high-quality education, and due to the flat hierarchy of Finnish universities, students and professors are equal. Academic freedom is also a core value of Finnish universities. Unlike in US or UK, Finnish students are free to decide which modules to study by ensuring that each student enables to gain different skills, knowledge and competences.  

Deeply ingrained into its educational mission is the idea that equality is paramount to economic success and societal wellbeing. The belief of ‘the more equal a society is, the happier its citizens are’ underpins the nation’s policy – which is why Finland deploys almost a third of its GDP on supporting its social welfare system. 

The happiest country in the world: 

Finland has been rated as the happiest country in the world by the United Nations for three consecutive years. Finland as one of the highest welfare state has a stable, equal and developed society, friendly to China and Chinese people.

Picture from (Kajaani-UAS)
Picture from (XAMK)

One of the safest country in the world: 

Finland is known for its pure nature, air and water, as well as its safety. In 2019, Finland was ranked the world's safest country to visit by the World Economic Forum. 

Low tuition fee: 

Finnish public universities of applied sciences have low tuition fees, with an average annual tuition fee plus living expenses of about 6000-16,000€, much lower than other European and American countries. The universities of applied sciences(UAS) set up different scholarships, and students can work part-time during the school as well. 

Picture from (XAMK)


Picture by Antti Ala-Könni (Turku-UAS)

A High Standard of Living  

Finland provides a high standard of living for students and families. Not only Finnish education and healthcare systems are top-notch, but also the cost of living is manageable for most students, especially since there are plenty of student discounts for food and transportation nationwide. Work-life balance is also an important part of Finnish society. Work, study and vacation are prioritized equally. 


There are open job opportunities if you consider working in Finland during or after study.


A mandotory intership into your relevant field´s company during your UAS study will open your future career path. Many students continue working in the same company after intership.

UAS helps students to look for a job by preparing your resume with professional career counselor and  providing plenty of job search services and extensive networks. 

Picture from (XAMK)


Finnish people might seem cold and difficult to communicate with foreigners at the beginning. The truth is that they are quite shy and sometimes feel embarrassed to speak English even though they speak very well. It could take a while to integrate the Finns community,

Anyway, it´s worth trying to take the first step of making friends with Finns and once they see you are friendly to them, they will open themselves. You will make trustworthy and honest Finnish friends in the end.

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