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Spring evening in Ullanlinna, Helsinki_e
Image by Maria Vojtovicova

Short term courses and Pathway

There are versatile options of short term courses which last from weeks to months.

Finnish pathway offers credit courses which help students get into Finnish UAS.

Picture by Sanna Henttonen from (LAB- UAS)

Short term courses

SAMK offers a sneak peek of multidisciplinary education. Students will also have a perfect chance to experience the beautiful Finnish summer.

Tampere Summer School has been jointly organised by Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences since 2018.

Short term curses


UAS Pathway Studies to Finland:

The UAS Pathway Studies to Finland program, provided by the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Finland, offers applicants a convenient way to gain admission to degree programmes in Finland. 

The UAS Pathway Studies are ideal for those interested in pursuing Bachelor’s degrees in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and International Business (IB).

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