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Vocational Teacher Education

Vocational teacher education is intended for applicants who work or intend to work as a teacher at Universities of Applied Sciences and institutions of vocational education. The education offers a general pedagogical qualification for teaching at all educational levels.

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Become a teacher in the professional education sector

The aim of Vocational Teacher Education is to provide the students with

  • the knowledge and skills needed in the guidance of the learning process of individual students

  • the competencies to advance in their own teaching area, taking into account the development of working life and professions.

The extent of Professional Teacher Education is 60 credit points (ECTS). It includes studies in the basics of educational sciences, vocational pedagogy, and a teaching practice, among other studies.

The following Universities of Applied Sciences can provide Vocational Teacher Education:

Teacher's training


This training is offered to the teachers who

  • need to expand their teaching repertoire

  • would like to innovate their strategies with methodologies for 21st Century teaching & learning

The aim of teacher´s training

  • Participants will explore approaches, strategies, techniques, tools, and examples of innovative relevance

  • Preparing them for the creation of materials, tasks and relevant experiences for their students, within an active learning environment.

Fields of teacher´s training involved:

  • Universal Design for Learning

  • Digital Competence Framework

  • Game-Based Learning and Gamification

  • Project-based Learning

  • Creativity

  • Collaboration

  • Communication

  • Critical Thinking

Educational Leadership and management training

This training is offered to the principals and education administrators, the aim of this training is to:

  • Learn practical tools and theories about motivating and leading yourself and other educators effectively and ethically.

  • Learn the necessary competencies for leading the human and technological changes faced by educational institutions. 

  • Get direct personal contacts and deeper insight into the successful Finnish education system so as to transfer best practices to Chinese environment.

Visiting Scholars and teacher Exchange

The aim of the visiting scholors and teacher exchange is to:

  • share and exchange information

  • learn innovative and creative teaching methods

  • gain international educational understanding

  • personal growth and have a productive stay

Topics of diverse fields:

  • Teacher education

  • Pedagogical technology

  • Language instruction

  • Own education system and experience

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