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06.04.2022 Finnish Sports Degree Programmes Podcast

As the Finnish University of Applied Sciences China-Network, we were honored to be invited by the Finnish National Agency for Education and China Education Association for International Exchange to record "Unlocking the Planning Code for Sports Majors EP01: What does Sports degree programmes learn in Finland?".

The podcast introduces the following contents in Chinese:

  • Sports degree programmes in Finland

  • Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Finland

  • Projects and achievements of Sino-Finnish cooperation in running higher education institutions

  • Olympic Sports Center study and internship in Vierumäki

  • How to apply for Sports degree programmes in Finland

  • Tuition fees and living expenses in Finland

  • Employment prospects after graduation from Sports degree programmes

This podcast is included in the first episode of the third season 2022 on CEE Talk Study Abroad at the link below.

(Picture from Haaga-Helia UAS)

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