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The Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences visited the Engineering Research Center in China

On October 30th, representatives from the Finland Universities of Applied Sciences Alliance, upon invitation by the Yunnan Smart Tourism Engineering Research Center (hereinafter referred to as 'the Engineering Center'), visited Yunnan University and Yunnan Tengyun Information Industry Co., Ltd. for exchanges and visits.

Experts representing the visiting Engineering Center included: Pasi Halmari, Programme Manager ; Jenni Pohjola, project specialist; Kim Lindblad, the Director of International Services at the HUMAK University of Applied Science; Irma Mäkäräinen-Suni, a Senior Lecturer in Digital Entrepreneurship at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Finland; and Sari-Anne Hämäläinen, the Admission Officer for International Students at the University of Lapland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

In the morning of the 30th, the network representatives held discussions and exchanges with faculty at Yunnan University's Engineering Center. Both sides introduced their institutions, development history, achievements, experiences, and strengths, laying the foundation for future cooperation. Professor Li Hao and Associate Professor Lu Gehao provided detailed explanations and demonstrations of the Engineering Center's innovative technological research and application in smart tourism. This included the country's first provincial tourism knowledge map, real-time cable car queue systems, smart bus dispatch systems, and blockchain-based tourism industry point models and electronic contracts. The Netwrok representatives also presented the latest developments in higher education and related research fields. Both sides reached cooperative intentions on several issues, such as joint graduate training and research collaboration, looking forward to deepening cooperation.

In the afternoon of the 30th, the Network representatives visited Tengyun Information Industry Co., Ltd. and held discussions and exchanges in the Smart Exhibition Hall. They discussed research directions, technological achievements, and applications in smart tourism. Discussions revolved around collaborative scenes like the 'Finnish Tourist Assistant' and 'One-Click Assistance' for the 'One Mobile Phone Touring Yunnan' model. Tengyun highlighted the 'Shaxi Ancient Opera Stage AR' digital system, reproducing the historical image of Shaxi Ancient Opera Stage through a 720° panoramic animation, offering visitors an immersive experience of the Tea Horse Culture. Both parties also engaged in in-depth discussions on digital technology related to 'Virtual Nature' and proposed long-term plans for building 'Virtual Landscape Tour Packages.'

Professor Li Hao summarized the discussions, stating: 'This exchange and discussion with the Finnish representatives are significant for the Engineering Center. We will draw on Finland's advanced technology and mature experiences to continuously promote innovation and development in the field of smart tourism, contributing to enhancing Yunnan's international influence in smart tourism.'

Chairman of the Yunnan Smart Tourism Engineering Research Center and President of Tengyun Company, Li Shao, said: 'We warmly welcome the visit by the Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences China-Network Network. We believe that more cross-cultural exchanges will bring beneficial reflections and inspirations to both sides. As one of the leading forces in the digitalization of Yunnan's tourism industry, the Engineering Research Center has continuously learned from advanced experiences of high-level countries, consolidating and improving its leading position domestically. In the future, we also look forward to combining more practical experience in Yunnan's digital tourism services with Finland's excellent innovative thinking, creating more internationalized high-quality tourism service practices, benefiting more domestic and foreign tourists, and contributing to the sustainable development of the tourism industry.'

This exchange laid the foundation for cooperation between the Yunnan Smart Tourism Engineering Research Center and the Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences China-Network. Through mutual learning, referencing, and absorption, the Engineering Research Center will gradually enhance its research and development capabilities and internationalization, injecting new momentum into the technological innovation and development in the field of smart tourism.


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